Our New Petition

This petition to the New South Wales government, is in support of a funded Mens' Resource Centre and Refuge, including emergency short term accommodation. Please print out and circulate our petition, before returning it to us.

Men are getting less help than women

An Anglo-Australian online survey revealed the top three reasons why men are less likely to access help and support from services and social projects.

  • There are fewer support services targeted specifically at men
  • Services supporting men receive less funding than services supporting women
  • Most help-giving services are female-orientated and this can be off-putting for men

Here are the top ten Australian responses.

System fails foster children and parents

New research shows that early intervention and support for families is critical if foster children are to be reunited quickly and safely with their birth parents.

“Provision of intervention and support is currently sparse and infrequent,” said the study's chief investigator, Associate Professor Elizabeth Fernandez. “Policies of family preservation emphasise reunification of children with their birth families wherever possible but this can only happen if the proper support is provided to parents.”