About the Mens' Resource Centre

The Men's Resource Centre has helped more than 8000 men and their families since it opened its doors in 2005.

We are focussed on creating a safe and nurturing environment for men and their families by offering advocacy, counselling and programs.

Our aim is to provide a first point of contact for men and their families in the Coffs Harbour Mid North Coast Region who find themselves in a position of need.

We offer these men and their families access to a variety of services, courses and personnel. This access provides a firm foundation for these men and their families to regroup and overcome their individual obstacles.

Our Clients

The men who come to the Men's Resource Centre for help are from all walks of life and all trades and professions. They are facing many kinds of crises, from a court case or finding themselves the subject of an apprehended violence order, to men who are homeless, have lost a partner or their job, or are suffering from depression and/or anxiety.

"The majority of these guys are on the tips of their fingers, waiting for life," says CEO Jean Clayton. "They don't know where to go for help."

"Men commit suicide in Australia every day. We are reluctant to admit it, but there is bias against men in grants and funding programs, and even in public sympathy."

The three main reasons why men are less likely to access help and support are:

  • There are relatively few support services targeted specifically at men.
  • Services supporting men receive less funding than those supporting women.
  • Most help-giving services are female-oriented. This can be off-putting for men.

Services and Programs

The Men's Resource Centre offers help to:

  • Men and their families
  • Socially and financially disadvantaged men in our community
  • Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islanders and/or refugees
  • Prisoners following release from jail
  • Men suffering from relationship breakdown and/or trauma victims
  • Those suffering mental health issues
  • Men who need help to prevent suicide and homelessness

The services available at the Men's Resource Centre are:

  • Advocacy and support
  • General counseling
  • Grief, trauma and crisis counseling
  • Psychological consultation (Medicare rebate with mental health plan)
  • Drug and alcohol counseling
  • Relationship courseling
  • Gambling counseling

Programs available at the Men's Resource Centre include:

  • Triple P parenting program (also for non-custodial parents)
  • Anger management program
  • Cooking on a budget
  • Drug and alcohol program