I first came to the centre because I had a problem with my sixteen year old stepdaughter. She was very hard to control - bad language to her mother and me, she would do her own thing regardless, running down her younger sister, just basically causing trouble.

After three or four years, this led me to call her names when she did these things. I knew it was wrong, but I convinced myself that it was a way to stop her. I thought to myself "How do you like it?"

The problem we both had was starting to get bad. We needed help as soon as possible. We contacted the Mens' Resource Centre. Jean and her staff are the best people I have ever come across. For a start I never thought counselling could do me any good; I never believed such a thing. Jean and her staff saved me from probably leaving the family household and my wife. I now get on so well with my daughter. We have a great relationship and I think she is the most beautiful daughter a father could have.

Thank you Jean so much. I really love your work. My family thanks you too.