I first came to the centre because I had a problem with my sixteen year old stepdaughter. She was very hard to control - bad language to her mother and me, she would do her own thing regardless, running down her younger sister, just basically causing trouble.

After three or four years, this led me to call her names when she did these things. I knew it was wrong, but I convinced myself that it was a way to stop her. I thought to myself "How do you like it?"


I was born in 1981 into the Rebels Motorbike Club. Since a young age I was a violent person, hurting people to get what I wanted. I thought at the time this was the way of life; crime, imprisonment, money, drugs, girls... Whatever I wanted, I took.

Now that I am reborn again I feel a stronger purpose for life, as I am drug-free, violence-free, and have God on my side. I feel like I can now do anything I set my mind to - which I can. Since meeting Jean and a lot of other people my life is now refreshed.

Also I wish to let you know that there is more to life than crime, drugs, and violence, and there is a greater purpose for us all. If a person like me cn see the light and come through the other end of the tunnel then you can also take these steps.


The Mens' Resource Centre helped me in so many ways, from starting my life back on track to helping me get my family back into my life.

I was living on the street in full addiction of drugs and alcohol going through a court case that  was going to put me in jail for a few years, I couldn’t see a way out of the hole I was calling my life. My friends, family and children had all but left me for dead.

But with the help of the Mens' Resource Centre I found a new faith in myself to start working on my problems, which helped me with my court case.  I now live my life out of addiction. (I no longer drink, smoke or take any drugs). I have my children back in my life (the first time for years), and my mother is actully talking to me.


In my experience at the Mens' Resource Centre I have learnt a number of things like self-teaching, positive attitude, believe in yourself. The anger management course was very good for me in learning how to control my emotions and feelings towards other people.

Also the staff was always positive and caring with guidance and teaching. Men need this organisation. It is a great resource for men. I thank you Jean.


Dear team at the Mens' Resource Centre,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your work with our candidate at Coffs Removals Storage and Packaging. The difference in this young man since your involvement has been unbelievable, and without exaggeration, life changing for him.

Given the success we have had with this first candidate, I would like to assure you that we are looking to include the Mens' Resource Centre in our approach to future employee situations. Currently we are in the process of reviewing our structure and our policies concerning the support we offer clients who are in work and hope to have some more clarity around this in early 2012.


I came to the Mens' Resource Centre for help as I had to come from Sydney to care for my very ill father. I had so many problems with Centrelink for the few months I was up here.

Today I called in again as I was still having problems with Centrelink, and after a patient phone call we were informed I was granted as of today the carers' allowance and back pay.

Thank you all so much and I hope you will be awarded with funding.


I came to the Mens' Resource Centre back in August 2011.

I was going through a very rough patch in my life, with anger and suicidal tendencies. I cannot praise the people here at the Mens' Resource Centre enough for what they have done for me. They have walked with me sometimes daily to help me get through my problems. I have completed the anger management course and I feel a humdred percent better. I do hope that they can continue this service to be able to help others.

I hope in the near future that they can get some funding to be able to continue the good work.


I am writing this to say the help I received from the Mens' Resource Centre was invaluable, and have to say the people who work there are very helpful.

Men in my position need these resources very badly as there is nothing for men/fathers in this country. Men need equality just as much as the women in this country. Three years later I am even further from my children and the only hope or help has been through the Mens' Resource Centre.

Much praise for this organisation and hope to see it grow. Help from both state and federal government funding would start to help men across the country.